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Google Translate provides easy to make translations for more than 103 languages. Just type the text you wish to translate and select the language you want to translate it to, and it will automatically show up!

To start using the app, you can download it entirely for free and sign in to your account! You can copy text from other apps or simply type what you wish and the translation pops up almost immediately. If you don't have internet connection, Google Translate allows you to translate from and to 52 languages even offline.

You can even turn on your camera to translate text instantly to 30 different languages as well as take high-quality pictures of text and get it translated to 37 languages.
Google Translate can translate handwritten text as well to 93 languages. Draw the characters instead of typing the text you wish to translate and get it in real time.

To save translations in any language and give them a star for future reference, you can use Phrasebook so that the next time you need it, it's already saved.

Please note that Google Translate can ask for permission to access some of your device's feature such as the microphone and camera for translation via speech and camara; sms to translate text messages as well as external storage when it needs to translate offline data and accounts and credentials to sync information between devices.

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